Srinivas Srini Pyati, MD

Srini Pyati MBBS, MD, MRCA, FCARCSI is an Associate Professor of Anesthesiology at Duke University and a Staff Anesthesiologist at Durham Veterans Affairs Health Care Systems. Dr. Pyati received his MBBS from the Karnataka Institute of Medical Sciences in India, and then his MD in Anesthesiology from the University of Bombay. He completed anesthesiology residency in the UK and obtained fellowship in Pain Medicine from St. Georges School of Anesthesia, UK. In 2007, Dr. Pyati joined Duke as faculty, and since then, he has been active in clinical research and teaching. He is the Director of Transitional Pain Service and serves as a Lead for GI Anesthesia.

With SAMBA, Dr Pyati has served as Chair of the NORA and Scientific Committees. Currently, he serves on the SAMBA Board of Directors and is Board Advisor to the Regional Anesthesia Committee. He also serves as a member of Veterans and Armed Forces Committee at the ASA.