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Clinical Practice Guidelines

SAMBA members have access to guidelines on PONV and more. These are only available via our member portal.

Member Discounts

SAMBA members receive discounts on the meetings throughout the year as well as other special pricing for other opportunities. There is also a special group membership for organizations or businesses to join as a group and receive up to 25% off.

Industry Recognition Opportunities

Industry Recognition Opportunities – SAMBA members have the opportunity to be nominated for the Distinguished Service Award and submit research for annual poster awards.

SAMBA Fellows Designation

SAMBA Fellows Designation – Qualified members are provided the opportunity to be recognized for their service and dedication to the ambulatory anesthesia field.

Webinar Offerings

SAMBA offers its members exclusive access to archived editions of the SAMBA Webinar Series, SAMBA’s monthly web-based lectures on topics in ambulatory anesthesia with Q&A.

SAMBA Meetings

Research Grant Opportunities – Members qualify to apply for a prestigious research grant to support their independent research projects.

Discussion Forums

Leadership Opportunities –  SAMBA members have the ability to get involved in specialty committee work, as well as serve on the SAMBA Board of Directors.

Member Directory

Technological Advances – SAMBA members have access to online discussion forums, SAMBA’s mobile app and a full member directory for networking purposes.


SAMBA board members have extensive professional and leadership experience that can help foster the development and growth of others members both in academic and private practice. They very willingly mentor their junior colleagues. In addition to advice and guidance, they offer practical tools such as membership to committees, letters of recommendations, opportunities to participate as faculty in workshops, PBLD’s, webinars, discussions and poster presentations at annual meetings. These opportunities help towards the achievement of both short and long-term goals of our members.

Video Library

SAMBA is developing a video library for members that includes content produced by experts in the field of ambulatory, office-based, or non-operating room anesthesia.

Discounted IARS Membership

As a SAMBA member, you are eligible to receive a discount on an IARS membership. IARS membership benefits include a subscription to Anesthesia & Analgesia, SAMBA’s official journal, A&A Practice e-journal, free journal CME, and discounted registration to the IARS Annual Meeting.

NEW Ambulatory Surgical Center Group Membership!

SAMBA’s ASC Membership is designed to provide surgical centers a cost-effective way to keep all medical staff and allied health providers that work in an ASC, Endoscopy Center or office-based setting up-to-date on the latest industry knowledge.

SAMBA offers ASC Memberships to encourage Medical Directors, and staff physicians to participate not only in educational activities related to Ambulatory Surgery, but also provides a platform for sharing information and educational tools among the industry’s most talented practitioners.

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Active Member

Are you working as an ambulatory or office-based anesthesiologist in the US or Canada?

Active members of SAMBA can vote, hold office, and serve on the Board of Directors.

   Active Member Rates:

1 Year Membership – $250 now thru 2021
2 Year Membership – $470 now thru 2022
3 Year Membership – $690 now thru 2023

Affiliate Member

Are you active in the field of ambulatory or office-based anesthesiology but not a practicing anesthesiologist (CRNA, practice administrator, nurse, teacher, scientist)?

Affiliate members cannot vote, hold office, or serve on the Board of Directors, but can be appointed as adjunct members of SAMBA’s committees.

     Affiliate Member Rates:

1 Year Membership – $250 now thru 2021
2 Year Membership – $470 now thru 2022
3 Year Membership – $690 now thru 2023

Resident Member

Are you in full-time training in an anesthesiology residency program?

No member may be classified in this category for more than a total of four (4) years but is granted the same privileges as Active Members for the duration of their membership

      Resident Member Rates:

1 Year Membership – $25 now thru 2021
2 Year Membership – $50 now thru 2022
3 Year Membership – $75 now thru 2023

Associate Membership

Associate members of SAMBA can vote, hold office and serve on the Board of Directors. Associate members are not required to be American Society of Anesthesiologists (ASA) Members.

Contact the SAMBA Executive Office at today to learn more.

Retired Member

Have you retired from the field of Ambulatory Anesthesia?

Contact the SAMBA Executive Office at today to learn more about membership.

International Group Membership

Are you part of an international anesthesiology society or association that may be interested in having a group of their members join SAMBA?

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International Member

Are you a practicing anesthesiologist outside the United States and Canada?

An International member does not hold voting privileges nor is eligible to hold office unless the physician is a member of the American Society of Anesthesiologists.

International Member Rates:
1 Year Membership – $75 now thru 2021
2 Year Membership – $150 now thru 2022
3 Year Membership – $225 now thru 2023

Honorary Membership

Have you or someone you know made a significant contribution to anesthesiology or attained exceptional eminence in anesthesiology or related fields?

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Emeritus Membership

Any member who has remained in good standing for ten consecutive years and has attained the age of 70 maybe be nominated for this membership.

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Basem B. Abdelmalak, MD, FASA

Basem B. Abdelmalak, MD, FASA is a professor of anesthesiology at Cleveland Clinic Lerner College of Medicine. He has served in the Department of General Anesthesiology as a Staff Anesthesiologist since 2001. Currently he leads Anesthesia Services for Bronchoscopic Surgery as a NORA service and is the Director of the Center for Sedation implementing the anesthesiology oversight for procedural sedation. He frequently performs the Therapeutic Whole Lung Lavage procedure to treat pulmonary alveolar proteinosis patients.

Dr. Abdelmalak is board-certified in Anesthesiology and fellowship trained in Critical Care medicine. His many clinical interests include anesthesia for ENT and bronchoscopic surgery, difficult airway management.

He served the Ohio Society of Anesthesiologists as its president in 2015 and currently serves the American Society of Anesthesiologists (ASA) as the Vice-chair of the educational track subcommittee on Ambulatory Anesthesia, the Society for Head and Neck Anesthesia (SHANA), as a founding member, and its president

At the Society for Ambulatory Anesthesia (SAMBA) he served in many roles and capacities; as a member of the committees on the Annual meeting, NORA, and Finance, and chair of the Development committee for the past 7 years leading SAMBA’s relationships with corporate sponsors, and pharmaceutical and industrial supporters. He then served on the Board of Directors, as a director, Vice President, President –elect, and now as its President.

He is also a part of the Anesthesiology Outcomes Research Department. His research interest is focused on the study of perioperative glycemic management, and he has been the primary investigator of many research projects investigating this and other topics.

He has received numerous honors and awards, including being named one of America’s Top Anesthesiologists according to the Consumers’ Research Council of America and Safety Champion by the Cleveland Clinic Quality Institute. A frequently invited lecturer at national and international conferences, Dr. Abdelmalak authored many scientific articles and book chapters in his field, and recently co-edited two textbooks titled Anesthesia for Otolaryngologic Surgery and Clinical Airway Management; An Illustrated Case Based Approach by Cambridge University Press.  He continues to be heavily involved with the education and training of medical students and residents and recently received the Scholarship in Teaching Award from Case Western Reserve University.