SAMBA Affinity Sponsor Program

The SAMBA Affinity Sponsor Program partners SAMBA with companies to provide products and services to SAMBA members at a discounted price. SAMBA members can take advantage of these savings throughout the year. Inclusion as an Affinity Sponsor does not constitute an endorsement from SAMBA nor an exclusion contract.

In return, SAMBA provides the following opportunities for Affinity Sponsors. If you are interested in becoming an Affinity Sponsor, please contact SAMBA at

Affinity Sponsor Rights

  • Year-round recognition as an Affinity Sponsor
  • Use of official Affinity Sponsor designation
  • Use of official logo/mark, in advertising/communication/collateral/informational materials (with pre-approval from SAMBA)
    • Use of logo/mark must be targeted to healthcare professionals, direct to patient communications or internal company communications only; logo/mark usage is not allowed in direct to consumer communication materials

Participation Opportunities

  • Individual meeting with SAMBA executive staff leadership one time per year to discuss sponsorship
  • Use of SAMBA Annual Meeting attendee list (pre or post – no emails); one time per year

Publications/Collateral Material

  • Cost to purchase advertising space in SAMBA Newsletter, Annual Meeting Registration Brochure, and Exhibit Guide is in addition to the Affinity Sponsor contribution.
  • Recognition as an Affinity Sponsor in SAMBA Corporate Sponsor thank you ad in:
    • Newsletter; three times per year
    • Annual Meeting Program and Registration Brochure
  • Logo designating company’s exhibit booth as a sponsor on Annual Meeting Program and Exhibit Guide
    • Annual Meeting Program and Exhibit Guide
  • Listing of Affinity Sponsors and links to their websites in the Newsletter; three times per year.

Web Site

SAMBA will list the SAMBA Affinity Sponsor Program on the SAMBA home page through logo recognition of the program with a link to the SAMBA Affinity Sponsor page that includes a listing of companies supporting the program.

  • Recognition as a SAMBA Industry Sponsor on
    • Hyperlink to company website on SAMBA Affinity Sponsor page; twelve months

Signage and Recognition

  • General SAMBA thank you signage (bands of logos) at the Annual Meeting in high-traffic/VIP locations including (but not limited to):
  • Sign for exhibit booth at Annual Meeting designating company as an Industry Sponsor